Rockstar volunteers


Board of Directors


Julie Metteer

Wherever there is a local Kirkland event, Julie Metteer is usually somewhere in the middle of it! She has been on the Kirkland Oktoberfest committee since 2014, and has been heavily involved in the community since 2006. She’s often found herself in the ‘volunteer coordinator’ role and loves to see people coming together to make fun things happen. She has served on another Kirkland based non-profit for the last 4 years, most recently as president. She whole-heartedly supports the mission of Chump Change Foundation, and is excited to be involved in an organization committed to helping local non-profits through volunteerism!


Steve Kaiser

Steve brings technology expertise and professional troublemaking to CCF. Steve's extensive startup experience helped shape his "do what needs to be done" mindset and willingness to accept most any challenge, even the impossible.

Outside of work and foundation activities, Steve is probably cycling, planning a family vacation, or experiencing the wonders of Northwest cuisine.


Marielle Dunavont

As a recent addition to the Chump Change Board of Directors, Marielle Dunavant - an Eastside native and Gonzaga graduate, has been involved with Chump Change for years as a volunteer. Marielle is excited to join the board furthering the mission of Building community one smile at a time™. Outside of Chump Change, Marielle is a marketer for Nissan Motor Corporation, enjoys traveling and spending time with friends and family. 


Kate Butcher

As a long time supporter and volunteer of the organization’s mission Building Community One Smile At a Time™ :)” Kate is honored to be on the Board of Directors. Kate brings her skills as an executive coach and organization development consultant to support the organization. Kate leads with a light touch and an appreciative curiosity for people and organizations — which allows her to get at the heart of systemic issues and move complex and challenging situations forward. A highly knowledgeable facilitator, coach and consultant, with more than twenty years of business, non-profit and community experience. Kate enjoys working in the US and the UK, her home country. And to compensate for the all the serious work she does she is also a Certified Laughter Yoga and loves to bring those skills to any work she does.


Rob Butcher

As an Eastside native, Rob has a deep appreciation for the history and traditions of our community and feels blessed to call Kirkland his home with his bride, Kate and Molly the dog. Rob is honored to have served on the board of the Kirkland Performance Center, co-founded the volunteer-based stewardship organization, Kudos Kirkland and co-chaired Kirkland Summerfest and Kirkland Oktoberfest. Today, when Rob is not traveling — a longtime passion of his — he enjoys building relationships with community partners and finding creative ways of making volunteering “fun”.