Frequently Asked Questions

  • What all events do you have?

    You can see all of the events we provide volunteers for here.

  • Can kids volunteer with Chump Change?

    We strive to have something for everyone! Some events have 21+ areas, and children are of course not able to volunteer in these areas, but we have several opportunities for children to volunteer on their own or with a parent depending on needs and independence levels of minors.

  • What types of volunteer shifts are there?

    Volunteers do it all! From helping with set-up, taking tickets, pouring beer, cleaning up, and beyond - volunteers are the reason events are able to happen! Most events on our website will allow volunteers to select what position they’d like to sign up for on their application.

  • What do I get for volunteering?

    There are several benefits to volunteering such as: having fun, gaining a sense of satisfaction, giving back to community, and making new friends. Many of our festivals give specific volunteer perks such as: free admittance, drink tokens, a branded shirt, and more!